Career Counseling


Our mission is to enable people to design their lives and careers on their own terms, using their highest skills and potentials. We also find that when people are using their highest potential, they end up becoming leaders who can shape organizations and inspire others to achieve breakthrough results.

We work with individuals and organizations, in the areas of Coaching and Leadership Consulting.
Our coaching is customized to your needs, wants, goals, or vision for where you want to go, and we help you design steps for getting there.

Here’s why Careera is your perfect partner for choosing the right career

Summary Report

Our psychometric assessment measures your interest, personality, and abilities.
This report gives an insight into your personality, your most preferable career options, and your areas of improvement.
The assessment is designed keeping in mind the career opportunities of the 21st century.

Detailed Report

Find out the 21st-century career that is meant for you.
Understand who you are (personality), what you like (interests) and what you’re good at (abilities). 
Make accurate and informed career choices, get a list of options to choose