About Us

What we do

As the education industry experiences a transformative phase, Route Minds is devoted to putting in unflinching efforts to make learning a fascinating and engaging experience for the rising generation. Our R&D team of 135+ professionals including the extended team is constantly working to bring innovative products and solutions for the school segment. With an assemblage of distinctive products such as Smartclass, Interactive Flat Panel , Annual Maintenance , Career Counselling , Virtual Labs (Robotics and STEM ) ,Digital Marketing For Schools ,we provide our users with tools and technologies that give them an engaging and fruitful learning experience.

Experience a new age of intelligence

Route Minds promotes new modes of learning for the digital natives and develops path breaking products and solutions, keeping in mind the learning styles of the new-age learners. It recognizes that education is the most potent force for social change and is working to make it more effective with innovative use of new-age education solutions.

7,000 classrooms; 1000 schools, 3 million students, 3.5 Smartclass sessions everyday, Route Minds impacts the learning outcomes and needs of over 3 million K-12 students. With backgrounds in business development, R&D and customer engagement, our team of 450+ professionals strives to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. We believe that the customer is at the heart of everything that we do.