School Management System

In 2016 Escola was developed when the concept of School Management Software was obscure in Goa and tedious paperwork was the norm in school.

The whole idea was to make tasks easy for the teachers, lessen the communication barriers between teachers, students and parents and promote the idea of digitization.

Escola works with a mission to help 1000s of schools and educational institutes to get digital through its easy-to-use and very advance all-in-one School Management software with an advanced Mobile App.

When pandemic hit the world, with the closure of schools and colleges, online education has become the new norm.
We strive to make communication between teachers, students, and parents easy and convenient during pandemic times.
Escola brings a lot of convenience and efficiency to the day-to-day school activities like attendance, homework, assignment, circulars, syllabus, conducting online classes, etc.

Parents can keep a track of their ward’s academic performance, participate in activities and keep track of their ward’s school bus
Perhaps learning never stops.

Escola makes conducting online classes, declaring results, and admission process a hassle-free task.
Messaging in our system is fully integrated. A teacher can send a message to a specific class – referring to a specific assignment. When a parent sends a message to a teacher, they automatically can know which student’s parent it is. All users can communicate in a secure environment within the system.