Virtual Lab


We at Route Minds has officially tied up with Goan based start-up Eltiz which offers the best robotics courses and kits online for kids. Elitz is partnered with STEMpedia, a globally renowned experiential learning platform. STEMpedia strives to bring Indian Schools at par with their global counterparts by helping them establish innovation facilities and programs for their children. Elitz offers robotic courses for kids online covering a wide range of topics that are focused on providing application-based learning to students, which is achieved through a practical-oriented learning approach.

It’s fully component-based learning where the child understands the purpose and importance of each component. Thereby improving your child’s logic-building and problem-solving skills. The child further builds their robots with the DIY components.
We encourage fun-based learning where every child is made to think out of the box, relate to real-life scenarios. Every child can try different methods to arrive at a solution.

The coding programs are based on a unique problem-solving approach. The child is given more importance on the fundamentals of learning at the beginners level and an ongoing engagement is done to build and make the child future-ready as they progress to the advanced and more challenging levels in the course.

Make countless robots and fascinating DIY projects with our intuitive and affordable STEM learning kits for kids and beginners packed with more features than the age-old brands in the market.

2. Language Lab & Computer Lab

How did we acquire our mother tongue when we were kids ? First, we listened to sounds and words, and tried repeating them though there were mistakes and gradually improved and formed fuller sentences. By the age of 3 we could fluently speak with the grammar in place and that too without even going through the Reading and Writing Stage.

Needless to explain further, L-S-R-W (Listen-Speak-Read-Write) is the natural way of acquiring a language. We unconsciously adopted LSRW method while we lean our mother tongue. The foreign languages we learn everyday are through the reverse methods and that is why, even if we get to read and write with ease, the listening and speaking areas seem to have no perfection.To gain competency in using a language, one must adopt these skills like in the natural method, just like how the mother tongue is acquired and that is exactly what ELT Studio guarantees and aims at.